Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Courthouse postcardWe welcome you to our lovely city. Santa Barbara is truly the jewel of California’s Central Coast, oft called the “American Riviera” for its striking resemblance to the Mediterranean coasts of France and Italy. A former royal presidio and home to the “Queen of the Missions,” Santa Barbara embraces its rich Spanish and Mexican history and influences, embodied in her street names, legendary Fiesta celebrations, and unique architecture. The lovely setting, climate, culture and mood have made it an alluring destination for leisure for at least 140 years.

We have yet to find ourselves or any visitor bored here, but we nonetheless provide links above to our favorite entertainments in this fair city.

We invite you to read more about Santa Barbara’s colorful history on our Theme page.

Also be certain to print our map of downtown, which includes the whereabouts of all our weekend festivities.