A love story

The year was 2005. Mr. Clark packed up his fledgling publishing-internets business and set forth from San Luis Obispo southward to cosmopolitan Santa Barbara in pursuit of more promising opportunities.  Fatefully—in the very same year!—Miss Steinfeld arrived port-side in Santa Barbara in pursuit of an occupation as Counselor at Law in all matters hydro-related. After a year of pious living in a glass abode on a hill she determined that it was time to venture downtown to experience urban living and revelry.

A consultation with the venerable Craig’s List led Miss Steinfeld to a quaint sublet opportunity on Laguna Street. She would be sharing the dwelling with…a certain Mr. Clark.  She initially believed him to be plucky and disagreeable, but after only a fortnight she found her heart bursting for this most wondrous and charming chap!  Her tenderness and smiling countenance made him blush so! Charming her with culinary delicacies, stimulating beverages and even more stimulating conversation, Miss Steinfeld soon found her attentions diverted from professional matters to untoward pursuits.

After three thrilling months of cohabitation, and a couple of gin cocktails, follies and merriment, Miss Steinfeld and Mr. Clark’s courtship was in full bloom.  Their first rendez-vous led them through the countryside to to picturesque Jalama Beach. And the rest is history!

Mister Clark

After spending his formative years in the wild-lands (outback) of Australia, Mr. Clark and his family emigrated to the gold country of northern California. The tropical banana plantations of his childhood were replaced by the rugged foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. But Mr. Clark’s wanderlust could not be contained and on many occasions he journeyed across the turbulent Pacific to pay visits to his dearest grandparents in New Zealand. Mr. Clark demonstrated a curious aptitude for the miracle of electro-publishing at an early age. In his twenties, Mr. Clark said adieu to his four distraught younger sisters—Shannon, Carrie, Kaitlyn and Krysten—to enroll in a specialized design programme at the university in San Luis Obispo. But his worldly pursuits interfered again and soon he was to be found in London working at a French cafe.  Mr. Clark donates his publishing skills to local non-profits organizations. In addition, his culinary exploits and love of documentary films are legendary.

Miss Steinfeld

As a native Californian, Miss Steinfeld spent her early years at the bucolic seaside with her doting parents, Marty and Cathy, and younger sister, Rachel. Miss Steinfeld attended the University of California at Los Angeles where she obtained a degree in Geography and Environs. An accomplished traveler and cartographer, Miss Steinfeld visited all corners of the empire before it was fashionable for a young lady to travel alone. She embarked on a two-year social and environmental justice mission to audit labor conditions abroad. When she reached a quarter century she arrived in Colorado to study hydro-and-legal matters. Although Miss Steinfeld cherished the Rocky Mountains and the untamed Colorado River, she yearned for the waters of California and shortly thereafter returned to her birth-state. Today, Miss Steinfeld spends her leisure time in her garden tending to her beloved cacti and succulents (asphodelaceae family) and photographing family occasions using the glass Daguerrotype technologies of today.