As we have acquired all things necessary to create a tasteful, yet modest home, in lieu of gifts, if you are so inclined, we respectfully request donations to the finest charities located close to our hearts: The Legal Aid Foundation of Santa Barbara County and the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition.  If you are interested in making a contribution, please find more information below.

Alternatively, if you would like to contribute to our Honeymoon to Greece and Turkey, please visit our honeymoon registry. We’ll be kicking off our our trip in Istanbul, a city at the meeting point of two continents— Europe and Asia. We’ll spend four days exploring some of the most unique and iconic sites in the city. Next we’ll be heading to Athens, the city that is known as the birthplace of western civilization.  Then we’ll sail off into the Greek world of sparkling blue waters, Mediterranean sunshine and ancient islands full of history, myth, and wonders. Our first stop is beautiful Mykonos, with its white-washed houses and blue shutters, and the next is legendary Santorini, with spectacular views of the sunken caldera and still-active volcano, and black sand beaches.

Legal Aid Foundation of Santa Barbara County

Miss Steinfeld has served on the board of this fine organization for over 2 years.

The mission of the Legal Aid Foundation of Santa Barbara County is to provide high-quality legal services in order to ensure that low-income persons and seniors have access to the civil justice system in times of crisis – to secure safe, habitable shelter, adequate income, and protection from domestic violence and elder abuse.  Since 1959 Legal Aid Foundation has provided free legal assistance in critical civil matters. Its mission is to ensure equal and meaningful access to the civil justice system to Santa Barbara county residents living at or below the poverty level, those facing language or disability barriers, seniors and others living on fixed incomes such as Social Security, and victims of domestic violence and elder abuse. Our services range from the provision of legal information and advice to assistance with the preparation of legal documents and representation in court proceedings.

Donations may be made at our reception, or via their website.

Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition

Mr. Clark fancies all things pedal-powered.

The  Bicycle Coalition is a countywide advocacy and resource organization that promotes bicycling for safe transportation and recreation. Programs includes Bici Centro, a community bike kitchen that offers free bike education where community members learn to work on bikes in a multi-lingual setting.  The folks at Bici Centro empower the public with bicycle maintenance skills while pulling out old yet salvageable bicycles from the waste stream and putting them back on the streets of Santa Barbara.  Bici Centro empowers its members by teaching bicycle repair, craft and creativity, as well as an appreciation of the independence and self-sufficiency the bicycle provides them.  The Coalition sponsors after-school programs where students learn bike mechanics, confident commuter skills and go on rides around Santa Barbara.

Donations may be made at our reception or via their website.