For Hire


  1. Santa Barbara: Victorian Vogue Costume Shoppe is Santa Barbara’s only vintage costume shop, featuring authentic period clothing and accessories for sale or rent. Acclaimed selection of top hats, women’s tea hats, striped trousers and ascot ties. Reserve your garb soon.
  2. San Francisco: A.C.T. Costume Shop. Extensive selection of Victorian and Edwardian fashion. Costume rentals include all accessories, alterations, repairs, and dry cleaning.
  3. Los Angeles: Western Costume Supply Store. North Hollywood. Authentic costume rental warehouse used by many wardrobe folks and studios. Massive selection.
  4. Orange County: The Rental Bootique. Fine Victorian ensembles for men and women. Online photographs at your disposal.
  5. Long Beach: Bianca’s Costumes. Truly opulent historically inspired attire. Rental stock of one-of-a-kind, high-end Victorian items as well as fabulous catalogs.